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The international brand Pandora came to us for the important relaunch of the Pandora ME collection. Following the theme of the collection, we carefully constructed a multifaceted Influencer digital campaign using multiple social media channels in order to reach the desired target audience, and included store visits, Instagram contests and Tik Tok videos.

The collection’s message for self- expression and embracing individuality, inspired us to select unconventional influencers. In particular, 5 unique profiles were chosen, who were highly associated with Art & Music, as was the mood of the Pandora ME campaign, and created original Social Media content (Posts & Stories) that lasted for 1 month which in turn gave significant awareness, illustrating to consumers the collection’s endless styling choices and driving them to the e-shop.

All of the campaign elements were posted on the Influencers’ Social Media, motivating the audience with high impact images and personal associations, to discover the new collection and create their own personalised jewellery with Pandora.

The campaign scored significant metrics with the Influencers sharing more than 15 posts and 35 stories, with their total digital reach exceeding 900.000 profiles.