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House of Jewels


The Influencer and fashion icon, Genevieve Majari, was carefully selected for this collaboration, as she embodies the unique character and style of the House of Jewels’ collections.

The high-fashion imagery produced and shared in her Social Media (SoMe) through posts, illustrated beautifully the pieces from the Jewellery & Home collection.

The agreement of 46 posts, over the course of a year, achieved impressive numbers and had a strong impact, creating awareness, desirability and overall buzz on SoMe.

In particular, the total SoMe content reached 1 M in likes, 10.5 M in reach and 11.5 in impressions. Meanwhile the followers’ engagement with the posts, was at an all time high.

Following the excellent collaboration with Genevieve, we managed to score extra deliverables (4 posts) equivalent to 14.000 € on earned media value, over and above the original arrangement.


House of Jewels