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Media Relations & Publicity Program of ReGeneration

Our PR Agency designs and implements an award winning and continuing Communication/Media Relations and Publicity plan for ReGeneration, which is the largest paid placement, professional, and personal development program in Greece. Our main concern is to communicate both the goals and objectives of the program and its results in its (almost) 6 years of operation.


The communication strategy  for ReGeneration, as a non-profit organization,  needs to be special and unique, because its viability is strongly based in publicity. It’s the good publicity that facilitates the finding of organizations that will bring the desirable quantitative and qualitative result.


Our company and its well-trained staff makes sure that ReGeneration has a strong presence in the media since 2019. Regeneration aims to democratize the opportunity of the fresh graduates, to provide postgraduate education and career opportunities in Greece. Until today, 1600 graduate candidates have been occupied and placed in 600+ participating companies throughout the program.

In addition, the occupied percentage of refreshed collaborations that the program invest on and support as a new generation of human resources rises to 92%.


As a result of the good team effort, we, at The Kompany, managed to win the “excellence in ‘Media Relations” award at the 2020 CAEA.